Chicken Coop Mansions was founded in 2011  but began designs for our coops  in 2009. The business owner Matthew was born and raised around chickens all of his life. At the young age of six he had his own personal chickens. He made his  own make shift coop for his three bantams, two hens and a rooster. His coop at age six was predator proof. Even then he was an entrepreneur, he was selling his eggs from his chickens to a older gentlemen down the road. He always loved to be around his chickens and it was his duty before going to school in the morning to feed his chickens as well as his families chickens. Matthew learned many important skills from his father as well as carpentry. At age eighteen he started working for a contractor building custom quality homes. Quality was what the company was founded on. Matthew learned the values of honest , quality, business. Chicken Coop Mansions has three people working for the company. Every day there is something new and exciting going on. We enjoy build custom quality products, whether it be for goats,sheep,chickens, ducks or playhouses. We take every precaution to keep quality our main factor in our products.  Let Chicken Coop Mansions make your dreams become a reality!

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